Power Referrals by Andrea Sittig

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Excellent manual on how to develop referral systems

"I highly recommend this manual to anyone in the fields of professional sales or services. Power Referrals is packed with excellent information on how to develop powerful referral relationships. The action items/exercises are extremely helpful in practicing what you just learned as 'knowledge alone is not power, but a potential for power; it's what you do with the knowledge, that's power' - Darren Hardy."
—Sasha Berson

Power Referrals

"My Boss loved this book! He is on fire to get our Sales Team moving!! We have a powerful team and they Rock!"
—Joy Tonnesen

Power referrals - The ambassador method

"Haven't started reading but it looks very promising. I bought the book cause I was expecting to receive some tips and trics on how to raise ambassadors in a business. When 'flipping' through the pages I definatelly think my questions will be answered. "
—Floris Voorsteegh

Pink Magazine recommends Power Referrals

"Your time and money are far too important to trust to strangers. While you might pick up a new face cream after seeing an enticing ad, when it comes to hiring professionals and businesses for the important things (i.e., doctors, lawyers, accountants, vendors and business partners), you wouldn't think of going at it blindly..."    Read Full Review

"Andrea Sittig-Rolf has a new book, which describes how to leverage others to do your selling. Others may call them "insiders" or even "influencers", but term she uses ("ambassadors") seems especially appropriate since they are doing this for you, and not (directly) for themselves. These are people you deliberately acquire, cultivate and teach to act/ influence on your behalf..."    Read Full Review

AM New York

"Essential Reading..."    Read Full Review
Andrea, I just love your work. Thank you very much for your Ambassadors concept. I am utilizing that as a major part of developing my bew business and it is beginning to work very well for me!
—Dr. Linda Hunt King
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"I love how-to books! In this edition, Andrea Sittig-Rolf doesn't just explain the concept and power of having ambassadors in your life. She shows you how to go about identifying, connecting with and appreciating them. Follow her strategies and you'll soon find both your personal and business lives improving exponentially."
Tom Hopkins
world-renowned sales trainer and author of "How to Master the Art of Selling"