Power Referrals by Andrea Sittig

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Chapter 1: ACT: Acquire, Cultivate, Teach

Chapter 2: Mindset

Chapter 3: Developing Ambassadors at Your Accounts

Chapter 4: Vertical Markets

Chapter 5: Channels

Chapter 6: Social Currency

Chapter 7: Self-Promotion

Chapter 8: Winning Ambassadors in the Press

Chapter 9: Leveraging Ambassadors to Close Business

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"I love how-to books! In this edition, Andrea Sittig-Rolf doesn't just explain the concept and power of having ambassadors in your life. She shows you how to go about identifying, connecting with and appreciating them. Follow her strategies and you'll soon find both your personal and business lives improving exponentially."
Tom Hopkins
world-renowned sales trainer and author of "How to Master the Art of Selling"