National Keynote Testimonials

"Excellent, really applied to me and will use info when I go back to work."
"Very good presentation, excellent message and wonderful delivery."
"Great suggestions."
"Very informative and enjoyable."
"Great content. Best of the year."
"Outstanding!! Best speaker in a while."
"Fun, entertaining, fitting for audience. "
"Love the high energy."
"Excellent speaker - highly motivating."
"We need more of this practical, interactive presentation. "
"Fun speaker!"
"She was great, thank you. I would give her a 10 on a scale of 1-10."


"Andrea, I wanted to share a story with you. Today I was attending a convention in Dallas. The speaker was at the front of the room, alone, getting more and more nervous as the room filled up. I took your advice and made my way to the front and greeted the speaker in front of a hundred or so attendees. He seemed thrilled to talk to someone instead of standing alone. Once the speaker started, he immediately mentioned something I said and pointed and called me out by name. It was an Andrea moment. I would have blown my kazoo if I had it with me. You nailed that idea, Andrea. It helped me and it helped ease the speaker and I got a little PR. Nice. Thanks for the great idea! You definitely have a different approach to business and I love it!"

Doug Picatti, President and CEO, Future Link Communications


"Andrea, thank you for your help with using marketing materials that get the prospect's attention. During your talk at the Columbia Tower Club, you shared the final puzzle piece that was missing--the clear envelopes. I'm now using this great idea of yours and it has made all the difference!"

Mary Stursa, CEO, Noble Furs


I was in a session with you yesterday (Predicting Sales Success by Filling the Pipeline) and I really loved the content.

Marcel Alberto Ghiraldini, Diretor Vendas e Marketing


"Thanks again, Andrea, for the meeting this morning! (I'd blow my horn but it's just not the same through email!) I've been reading your articles in the Puget Sound Business Journal and it was great to 'meet the real thing'. Your articles on "Use a well-written sales proposal" and "How to effectively follow-up after a first meeting" plus several others I've clipped and saved were not only well written but provided new info. There was some good take-away info this morning. Again, thanks and good luck to you and your business!"

Mike Haugen, Sales and Marketing, Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business


Loved your stuff at the Microsoft conference. It was the most entertaining session of the week!

Keith Schoolcraft, aCOUPLEofGURUS


"Andrea, thank you for the motivating presentation, it makes me feel like reading the book NOW and not finishing the work I really need to get done. I will wait to start reading until this evening, and then put some of your great ideas into practice tomorrow."

Leona M. Tucker, President, Records Management Services, Inc.


It was nice meeting you as well at WPC. the sessions you led were very motivating. They were so well done and very worthwhile. Now to apply what you've shared!

Heidi Peterson, Business Development, ctc TrainCanada


"Hi Andrea, I wanted to say a big thanks for the great presentation you gave this morning! My colleague and I really enjoyed it and found your comments (and enthusiasm) extremely helpful!"

Meg Kates, Strategic Administration Specialist, Northwest Agricultural Products


Thank you so much for the follow-up. The technique you teach will be useful my entire life.

Jimmy Choi, Western Region Sales Manager, Northpointe, Inc.


"Andrea, Just wanted to say "thanks" for the presentation on Tuesday. Your attention-getting ideas will be most helpful. I'm looking forward to reading your book. I just skimmed the section on proposals and know there are ideas to make our proposals sizzle!"

Sara Nelson, President, Sara Nelson Design, Ltd.


"Thank you for sharing your excellent presentation with us at the Kent Chamber of Commerce. Also, thank you for the Official T-Shirt which I won in the drawing. I am wearing it in good health and in good humor! Keep up the good work!"

Eric Burkhead, CenterForce


"Andrea, Thank you again for a wonderful presentation at the Greater Renton Chamber of Commerce breakfast. I heard many favorable comments from several of those in attendance. Prior to my retirement, I held National Sales Manager and CEO positions. Having worked with many professionals in your field, I've seen none that matched your enthusiastic and effective presentation skills."

Dave Stein, Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.

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