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What-You Ask-Is A 'BlitzMaster'?
Excerpt from article in Marketing, Vol. 17, No. 203, October, 2003

In May of 2002, I took a giant leap into the world of entrepreneurialism. After 13 years of successful outside sales experience, I decided it was time to use all that I had learned to invent a company based on my knowledge and creation of interactive sales training programs.

I decided there must be a market for the kind of programs I had created and wanted to sell the idea to companies who could become clients, rather than my employer. Looking back, I remember the most fun and productive program I conducted for a sales team I managed a few years ago. It was a somewhat entertaining while highly effective way to get the sales reps on the phone for a designated period of time to make outbound cold calls to set appointments and generate leads. I found creative ways to involve vendors and partners in the "Blitz" to solidify those relationships, as well as utilize their funds to cover some of the expenses. I was somewhat amazed at the results had by all at the end of the day.

It was gratifying to see what just four hours of prepared for, structured, organized cold calling could do in terms of generating new business. Although the elements of fun and competition were important in motivating the reps to make cold calls, the ultimate prize was the schedule of appointments they had set for themselves and the new business they had to look forward to as a result of the Blitz. I, in turn, was dubbed, "BlitzMaster" and, voila, the Prospecting Blitz was born!

Since then, I've taken this basic concept and packaged it to include several components that allow for increased productivity and efficiency during the Blitz. For example, I consult with my client ahead of time to determine what outbound call lists should be used, and provide supplemental reading material and homework assignments to prepare the reps ahead of time for a successful day of cold calling.

Goals are discussed with the client and shared with the sales reps so they know the targets they'll be rewarded for throughout the Blitz. Each rep receives a packet of information at the beginning of the Blitz that includes the outline of the day and outbound call lists.

  "BlitzMaster" Sittig-Rolf at work

On the fun side, I've included many elements that motivate and encourage the reps to do their personal best and assure them that they'll be rewarded not just with the goodies I've come up with, but more importantly with solid new business opportunities.

Because results are tracked throughout the day and the reps can see how they compare with their peers, competition becomes a motivating factor to succeed. Also, Blitz tracking methods allow a dollar amount to be associated with each Blitz, so my clients understand the hard-dollar return on their Blitz program investment. My clients love this program because they get tangible results at the end of the day from their very own sales team. They say having an outside vendor conduct the Blitz is the key to its success because it brings new energy, new ideas and a fresh approach to the otherwise dreaded task of cold calling.

Robert Thompson, sales manager of Integra Telecom, said to me after our first Blitz, "In reviewing the cold calling Blitz results today, I realize that without your help, we would not have been able to accomplish the same Blitz results on our own. Fifty-three scheduled appointments from 18 salespeople in a 4 hour period is simply amazing!"

Other incredible results include a small, local commercial cruise line that generated 36 appointments and 3 bookings with just 3 reps in 4 hours. Another happy client includes a local, well-known business newspaper whose sales team generated 22 appointments and nine contracts with 7 sales reps in 4 hours. Many Blitz clients choose the Blitz Bonanza Program, a series of several Blitzes over time that help to develop pro-active selling habits in their reps. The Blitz is an ideal part of a training program for new hires as well as a "refresher" for senior sales reps.

Andrea Sittig-Rolf is a results oriented, new business development firm that helps companies increase sales and promote market awareness through the creation and implementation of effective Prospecting Blitz, Team Building and Lead Generation programs.

Andrea Sittig-Rolf, the founder of BlitzMasters, is a Seattle-based corporate sales professional specializing in the creation, facilitation and implementation of highly effective strategic sales programs.

With more than 13 years of successful C-level sales experience, she has aligned new business opportunities and strategic partnerships resulting in millions of dollars of revenue for her clients.

Andrea Sittig-Rolf can be found online at To contact Sittig-Rolf, call 206.769.4886 or email

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