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Offering solid sales advice to readers with sales dilemmas

Redmond, WA -- January 19, 2005 -- Andrea Sittig-Rolf, a Redmond-based sales training and consulting firm, announced today the publication of owner Andrea Sittig-Rolf's new column called Sales Solutions featured biweekly in The Puget Sound Business Journal.

Readers write to Sittig-Rolf with sales dilemmas she answers by way of the column.

The advice to readers is unique, based on Sittig-Rolf's fourteen plus years of experience learning first-hand what works and doesn't work in the real world of sales. The specific how-to approach gives readers the power and knowledge necessary to develop their own sales tools to succeed.

The column addresses such sales-related issues as:

  • Salesperson dilemmas relating to effective sales methodologies, techniques, and processes.
  • Sales management dilemmas relating to internal sales team conflict.
  • Sales VP dilemmas relating to sales team organization development and processes.

Throughout her career, Sittig-Rolf has generated millions of dollars of revenue as a sales professional. She has also provided inspiration to those she has trained and coached in her own sales training and consulting business. Her clients often double their daily sales production the day she trains the sales team, and many others realize a significant increase in sales within 90 days of participating in the sales programs she provides.

Sittig-Rolf is the developer and exclusive provider of The Blitz ExperienceT, an activity-based sales training program designed to help sales professionals become more effective when prospecting over the phone. She is also the author of The Prospecting Blitz Blueprint, a step-by-step guide for sales managers that addresses how to execute a successful Blitz ExperienceT campaign for their own sales teams.

For more information, call 206-769-4886, email , or visit .

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