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A New Book Featuring Innovative Techniques to Get Your Foot in the Door with Any Prospect

Redmond, WA -- February 18, 2005 -- Andrea Sittig-Rolf, a Redmond-based sales training and consulting firm, announced today the publication of owner Andrea Sittig-Rolf's first book Business to Business Prospecting; Innovative Techniques to Get Your Foot in the Door with Any Prospect.

To aspiring entrepreneurs and sales professionals, prospecting is often the most difficult task associated with new business development, especially when the few books available on the topic are based on an old, outdated school of thought. Furthermore, even less is available in a workbook format to help the reader apply what he has learned in his own business, by practicing what he has learned through activities, like the activities that are provided in this book at the end of each chapter.

In Sittig-Rolf's book, sales professionals will finally learn exactly what they need to know to excel in their careers, focusing not only on extraordinary results, but the strategies and tactics to get them. The book is specific and tactical in nature, offering a step-by-step, practical yet innovative approach to prospecting and new business development.

The advice to readers is unique, as it is based on Sittig-Rolf's fourteen plus years of experience learning first-hand what works in the real world of sales. The specific how-to approach gives readers the power and knowledge necessary to develop their own sales tools to succeed. Unlike any other, this book makes a solid case for:

  • Writing compelling case studies, creating a case-studies portfolio, and using it in every step of the sales cycle from prospecting to closing more business.

  • Reversing the traditional concept of networking from a "what's in it for me?" tactic to a fresh "give first" methodology, to show that the ultimate reward for this new approach is far greater than the traditional "give to me first" method.

  • Creating the Ideal Client Profile so sales professionals can easily determine which new prospects are worth pursuing, which existing prospects should be filtered out of the pipeline, and how to understand the difference between an application for their product or service and an opportunity for their product or service.

  • Proving the effectiveness of winning ambassadors, as well as establishing trade agreements and strategic alliances, as a technique for driving more new business with less effort.

Throughout her career, Sittig-Rolf has generated millions of dollars of revenue as a sales professional. She has also provided inspiration to those she has trained and coached in her own sales training and consulting business. Her clients often double their daily sales production the day she trains the sales team, and many others realize a significant increase in sales within 90 days of participating in the sales programs she provides.

She is the developer and exclusive provider of The Blitz Experience®, an activity-based sales training program designed to help sales professionals become more effective when prospecting over the phone. She is also the author of The Prospecting Blitz Blueprint, a step-by-step guide for sales managers that addresses how to execute a successful Blitz ExperienceT campaign for their own sales teams.

Sittig-Rolf also writes a biweekly column for The Puget Sound Business Journal called Sales Solutions, offering solid sales advice to readers with sales dilemmas.

Scheduled for publication in the Fall of 2005, Business to Business Prospecting will be available through, Barnes & Noble bookstores and at Andrea Sittig-Rolf .

For more information, call 206-769-4886, email , or visit .

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