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Make A Prospecting Blitz Work For You
By Renee Houston Zemanski
May 5, 2004

Wouldn't you like to learn a fun and structured way to get motivated to make prospecting calls? Who wouldn't? That's why Andrea Sittig-Rolf, CEO of Andrea Sittig-Rolf, is so successful with her Prospecting Blitz programs.

"The Prospecting Blitz program is highly effective," says Sittig-Rolf. "A Blitz is four hours of planned, structured, organized cold calling designed to generate new business. It's effective because you've got the synergy of everyone working together, competing for prizes and sharing what's working throughout the day.

"A lot of people have goals, quotas and objectives to meet, but they often don't have activities behind those goals," explains Sittig-Rolf. "The Blitz is the activity piece that begins to fill your pipeline with opportunities. It's the piece that's often missing. Many people are not disciplined enough to get on the phone and make cold calls on a regular basis to keep the pipeline full."

What the Blitz does for her participants is get them in the habit of making calls on a consistent basis. The Blitz program may only last one day, but it sets the foundation for activities that sales reps should be doing every day.

"My clients love this program because they get tangible results at the end of the day from their sales team," she says. One company's results yielded 53 scheduled appointments with 18 salespeople in 4 hours. A business newspaper generated 22 appointments and 9 contracts with 7 reps in 4 hours.

Activity equals results. "A consistent activity on a regular basis, such as making an extra phone call a day, can yield tremendous results," she says. "Look at it from a week's perspective - five extra calls a week; what will that do for your business? It's a lot like dieting. You can go on a crash diet and lose weight, but eventually the weight will come back. You have to be consistent in your diet to keep the weight off. It's the same with sales. If you're going to keep your pipeline full; you've got to do something every day."

Develop a strategic alliance. Find someone you can help and he or she will help you. One idea that Sittig-Rolf suggests is creating a mailer for each other - introduce your non-competitor partner to 100 of your best clients in exchange for an introduction to 100 of his or her best clients via a direct mail piece. Endorse your partner in your letter. "It really works," says Sittig-Rolf. "If my customers are getting a letter from me, they're going to open it and read it as opposed to getting one from someone they don't know."

60 Seconds: Identify a non-competitive contact and exchange prospect lists.

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