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The Blitz Experience
How to Get Appointments

If you are an account manager who struggles in scheduling appointments with prospective customers, what are you to do? Recently 37 of our AMs had the opportunity to add a few new tools to their toolbox and they wasted no time in putting them to good use! These AMs attended a new SunSource University sponsored course called The Blitz Experience and during this one-day training session over 300 appointments with prospective customers were made! While there is nothing magical about it, the fundamental techniques are to help you:

  • How to get past gatekeepers
  • How to overcome common objections and get the appointment
  • How to leave effective voicemail messages that get a response
  • How to increase connections with decision makers leading to more appointments, leading to more sales

The BlitzMaster gives tips on
getting appointments

The Blitz Experience is an energy-packed day of practicing sales techniques, regrouping and sharing experiences, and then getting back on the phone to practice some more (usually "stealing" great ideas from our peers!) Andrea Sittig-Rolf, The BlitzMaster, brings years of experience in sales, sales training and enough energy to power any engine!

We all know the importance of tracking our results and this training provides a simple way to determine the ROI! During the training, participants are tracking: calls, connects, appointments, voicemails, returned voicemails and no's. Because of SASS and it's capabilities we will be tracking the number of orders that come from these appointments! Already AMs are getting orders as a direct result of The Blitz Experience!

Don't be shy, ask your fellow AM who has attended The Blitz Experience to have them share the success they have had with these tools. The participant feedback has been extremely positive and the ultimate value of the training will be realized as the orders keep coming in!

Tom Kennedy
VP of Human Resources, SunSource

September 25th Class: 172 Appointments Made
Congratulations Rob Lee, Most Appointments Made with 21!

October 30th Class: 235 Appointments Made
Congratulations Carl Glass, Most Appointments Made with 25!

The Blitz Experience

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